Unboxing the Fun: A Review of the LOL Surprise Hair Salon Playset

Unboxing the Fun: A Review of the LOL Surprise Hair Salon Playset

Short answer lol surprise hair salon:

The LOL Surprise Hair Salon is a playset that includes a doll with real hair to style, along with several accessories. Kids can use the included curling iron or scissors to change her hairstyle, and the set also comes with stickers and other accessories for customization.

Step-by-Step Guide: Transforming Your Dolls’ Hair with the LOL Surprise Hair Salon

Are you tired of your dolls’ frizzy and boring hair? Want to give them a stylish new look but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, because the LOL Surprise Hair Salon has got you covered!

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll be showing you how to transform your dolls’ hair using the LOL Surprise Hair Salon set. So let’s get started!

Step 1: Prepare Your Doll
Before starting any kind of hairstyling or grooming activity on your doll, it is important to gently brush out its existing hair if they have one. Remove any tangles that may cause damage in detangling process.

Step 2: Setting Up the Hair Salon Set
Set up the LOL surprise salon station included with accessories like Washing Station, Swivel Chair Stand etc., according to instructions provided in the packaging. Make sure everything is ready so there won’t be any hindrances while doing transformations later on.

Step 3: Clean & Rinse
Place clean water (not hot) inside Bath Sink using funnel tool from Playset accessory which comes along. Place Diagonal Plug between two bars found at bottom sink after filling enough water required for cleaning purposes.
Apply some shampoo onto brush by turning top part when handle given at shampoo bottle upside down after opening stopper pinched between thumb & index finger then apply directly onto Barbie or other real-like doll’s head.

Use Brush carefully across all corners as massaging wig body extending towards edges hence reducing knots formation within soil existence close roots area very gently moving behind nape upwards until their curls shiny enough without dirt stains around single strand hairs grown through hard-to-reach areas such as necklines too difficult meandering tiny braids parallel stops horizontally interspersed throughout back hairline each sides adjacent ears throughout locks remaining manageable rather than tangled due negligence brushing daily chores parents neglecting helping tidy bedsheets beddings lying on instead storing safely cupboard right way possible.

Step 4: Applying Hair Color
Once the doll’s hair is clean and dry, you can opt to temporarily color it using the Crayon-Pen tool. Simply twist off the cap of your chosen crayon pen provided with Playset accessory and apply colors directly onto dolls’ strands according to desired styling sectionwise.

Step 5: Styling
Time for creative fun hairstyles! There are several tools included in LOL surprise salon set such as scissors, combs etc., which will help create amazing looks on different parts of doll hairs.
– First take out Swivel Chair Stand after unlocking it by pressing Locking Knob found bottom stem part where round sleek Fluff comes in contact top allow seat rotate freely around Base Pole finally re-lock again until positioned back centrally once setup was done properly considering adjustments required support comfort level kid playing activity suitability requirement.

Different available attachments:
• Clips : You can use clips (Classic Pink or Black ones) to hold sections while cutting or styling other portions
• Curling Iron / Straightening Iron : One creates soft curls whereas later

FAQs Answered: Everything You Need to Know About the LOL Surprise Hair Salon

If you have a child at home, chances are that the LOL Surprise Hair Salon is on their wish list. This fun and exciting toy has taken the young ones by storm, leaving parents with tons of questions about what it is, how it works, and whether or not it’s worth the investment.

That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive FAQ guide to help answer all your pressing queries about the LOL Surprise Hair Salon.

What Is The LOL Surprise Hair Salon?

In simple terms, the LOL Surprise Hair Salon is a playset designed for kids aged six years and above. It combines different elements of hair styling such as cutting, coloring, washing and curling in one convenient package within an adorable pink salon-themed setup complete with playful detailing like artwork images similar to dolls from the L.O.L surprise! Series 3 characters collection.

How Does It Work?

The set-up consists of a basin sink where kids can wash doll hair before proceeding to style them using various implements such as combs, scissors and brushes – each uniquely themed after popular pets in high contrast colors easy to grab attention. After they’re done with creating multiple hairstyles inspired by their favorite pop star idols – friends or TV shows favorites – there’s an LCD screen included featuring games styled around appointment scheduling at salons offering tips & tricks for girls who want to experiment more beyond just doll makeovers!

Is The LOL Surprise Hair Salon Easy To Use For Kids?

Absolutely! One reason why most parents love this toy is because its setup offers plenty of intricate details specially crafted keeping safety standards top priority without causing difficulty in advanced operations while still inspiring creativity through imagination building processes no matter age level ranging from novice artists up-to expert hairstylists looking spoiling daughter day off pampering session.

Can I Cut Real Human Hairs With The Equipment Provided In The Set-Up?

Nope! Kindly note that despite offering tremendous options for professional-quality hairstyling experiences suitable mainly for toy dolls or figures; the equipment provided in the LOL Surprise Hair Salon is meant to be used only on surface hair extensions of accompanying pets and characters, which are designed for creative play purposes alone making it safe & harmless while at the same time ensuring a perfect outlet for imaginative learning processes.

Does The Toy Build Last Or Will I Have To Keep Buying A New Set Every Now And Then?

The build quality is top-notch, sturdy elements present significant advantages that will ensure years of use with little-to-no maintenance needs. Provided you follow manufacturer guidance as per instructions provided within package under supervision from parent/guardian – adding up an extra layer safety assurance measure protecting your child through every play session interacted without compromising hygiene standards.

Are There Any Cons With This Product That I Should Be Aware Of Before Making My Purchase Decision?

As with any products considered as being able to enhance creativity and imagination among young children, there may arise instances where kids get carried away playing more than they ought leading laxity towards cleanliness standards within their immediate environment. Parents should thus advise their child/children accordingly noting repercussions

Experience a Magical Transformation with the Amazing LOL Surprise Hair Salon

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to transform your little one’s look, then the LOL Surprise Hair Salon is just what you need! This amazing kit comes with everything your child needs to create their own unique hairstyles using hair extensions, colorful clips and more.

One of the best things about the LOL Surprise Hair Salon is that it provides endless hours of entertainment. Your kids will have so much fun creating different looks with each doll and accessory set included in the package. Plus, they can use their imagination to come up with new combinations and designs every time!

Another fantastic feature of this product is that it comes with easy-to-follow instructions. Whether your child has experience styling hair or not, they’ll be able to follow along without any trouble at all. The step-by-step process ensures that no detail is missed while still allowing for creativity and personal flair.

Plus, the quality of the accessories included in this kit are top-notch. The hair extensions are made from high-quality materials that won’t tangle or break easily. The clips and other decorative pieces are also sturdy enough to last through multiple uses.

But perhaps most importantly, this toy encourages self-expression! Kids get to experiment with styles they might not otherwise try out on themselves (or friends). They can learn about colors matching them together as well as how certain parts add texture when added in some specific area too- it promotes creativity which ultimately plays an important part even outside hairstyle making.

Overall, I would highly recommend getting an LOL Surprise Hair Salon Kit! It’s affordable yet durable-kit approach makes it perfect for both beginner stylists learning techniques as well as those who want diversity & excitement while playing around; furthermore since COVID pandemic situation restricted going outdoor events by providing such leisure toys not only entertaining but helpful for parents alike keeping peace indoors alongside promoting development skills especially beneficial under limited gatherings/activities compromise today thus proving essential during these times– so why wait? Get ready for a magical transformation to start taking place right in your home today!

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