Zach, as he prefers to be called, loves people and fashion. He was born in Columbia South Carolina, where he lived until graduating from high school. After that he moved to Charlotte North Carolina, where he worked in various people-oriented jobs for almost four years. Because of his appreciation of fashion, and with his mother’s strong encouragement, he decided to become a hair stylist. He received his training at the Paul Mitchell School in Charlotte in 2013. He then moved back to Columbia in 2014 and began working at the Regis Salon in Columbiana Mall. He firmly established a reputation there as an accomplished hair professional by becoming the number one combination seller for his district.

Zach joined the Five Points Salon in March 2017. His work philosophy is to make clients feel more beautiful than they are already are by helping them find the hair style they truly seek. He especially enjoys collaborating with clients to develop a fresh new look in keeping with current hair trends. As a regular visitor to Miami Beach Florida, an epicenter for cutting-edge fashion, Zach has a wealth of hair design ideas to offer. When not traveling or working, he spends his time at home with two small dogs and enjoys his guilty pleasure, watching trashy reality TV shows.